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Production of GPU piping systems


Production of piping for various systems used within gas-pumping units is required.

LLC John Crane-Iskra’s capacities make it possible to produce these systems.

Types of piping for compressor and GPU systems produced by LLC John Crane-Iskra

  • Fuel gas system
  • Buffer gas system
  • Piping for dry gas seals
  • Piping for engine cleaning system
  • Control system for gas pipeline
  • Air supply system for compressor
  • Compressor and gearbox oil system
  • Fire-fighting system

Conclusion on readiness of LLC John Crane-Iskra for manufacture of systems for GPU against orders of PAO NPO Iskra has been obtained

In 2018 systems for gas compressor unit GKА-16NК BCS Beregovoye mestorozhdeniye the 2nd turn were produced and supplied to the customer.
In 2020 system for GPU-32 No. 7 and No. 8 for Amur GPP was delivered. Systems for GPU-32 No. 9 and No. 10 for Amur GPP are in production.