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Gas separator


LLC John Crane – Iskra’s gas separator is designed for cleaning of produced, processed or transported natural, associated, commercial or industrial gas from petrol, gas condensate, oil, condensed, finely-divided, aerosol moisture and mechanical impurities. Gas filter-separator is also designed for fine gas filtration from mechanical impurities.

Gas separator is a vertical cylindrical vessel the dimensions of which depend on the amount of the gas passing through it.


Design peculiarities and operation principle

Liquid-gas mixture goes into the inlet connection located in the middle section of a unit. The flow passes along separator wall and particles and liquids are separated from liquid-gas mixture centrifugally. The impurities separated are captured in a special area and then settle down in a settling tank.

Treated gas flow is directed towards a pack of demisters and or coalescers where final filtration stage takes place. After passing the pack gas flow is streaming to the outside via separator outlet connection.


Equipment Options

For operation control and safety operation of the unit gas separators can be equipped as follows:

  • Shut-off or shut-off and control valves
  • Pressure instruments
  • Temperature instruments
  • Safety devices
  • Liquid level devices

Gas separator has an integrated drain tank. The volume of accumulating tank section is calculated based on customer needs.

Parameter Type 01 Type 02 Type 03
Design temperature, °С from -40 to 120 from -40 to 120 from -40 to 120
Design pressure, МPа (g) 6,3 16 25
Test pressure, МPа (g) 7,9 20 31,25
Сorrosion allowance, mm 1 1 1
Mass of empty vessel, kg 130 220 300
Gas flow rate, m³/h up to 4000 up to 4000 up to 4000

This product is available in the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine