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Diaphragm membrane couplings

Couplings are designed for connecting shafts or shafts with the components with free rotation against them (geer wheels, pulleys, etc.) to transmit torque without speed change. Shaft connection is primary but not the only function of couplings.

 John Crane Couplings


Metastream couplings

  • Designed with reduced bending moment (achieved by means of various membrane configurations)
  • Best arrangement for large diameter shafts with on piece flanges
  • Integrated factory assembly in line with the highest balancing and reliability standards
  • Full compliance with the requirements of ISO10441 (API 671) standard
  • Emergency standby drive for additional safety
  • Shrouded bolts to reduce windage

Couplings are also used for switching-on and switching-off of actuating unit during continuous drive operation for overload and excessive speed protection of working elements, for motion transmission between shafts in one direction, for braking and other functions.

Membrane design

Safety and reliability are basic elements for turbomachinery operated at high speeds. Consideration of each component and thorough materials selection ensure superior operation of Metastream couplings in the most critical applications.

Standard Metastream membranes (flexible elements) are AISI 301 stainless steel which distinctive feature is high strength combined with corrosion resistance. Such alternative materials as Inconel® or membranes with specific coating are used for high temperature and corrosive applications.


  • Maintaining balancing in operation at any speeds
  • The best compensation capacity for all kinds of misalignment and vibration
  • Bearings low load
  • Torque overload protection
  • High-strength and corrosion-resistant material
  • Safety even in case of membrane and bolts damage
  • High and long-term reliability

Application areas


A & L


  • Small external general-purpose pumps
  • Chemical pumps
  • Low-power mechanical drive


L & T


  • Feeding pumps
  • Large external general-purpose pumps
  • General-purpose compressors
  • Screw/lobe pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Any mechanical drives


T & M


  • Process pumps
  • Low-speed compressors




  • Compressors
  • Industrial gas turbines
  • High-speed steam turbines
Parameter Series L Series T Series H
Maximum continuous torque, kN*m from 0,07 to 235 from 125 to 13370 from 1229 to 316802
Maximum speed, rpm from 2600 to 22000 from 6000 to 25500 from 5000 to 28300
Power rating, kW/1000 rpm from 7 to 25000 from 13 to 1400 from 129 to 33173
Shaft diameter, mm from 30 to 347 from 36 to 172 from 70 to 430

This product is available in the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine