Range of equipment

Nitrogen generation systems


Nitrogen station (Nitrogen generation system) is designed for manufacture of gaseous Nitrogen with 90 - 99,9999% concentration from atmospheric air.


Operating principle

System operating principle is based on various speeds of gases permeation through polymer membrane under the action of partial pressure differential at membrane. Easily permeating gas components inside membrane pass through membrane porous shell to intermembranous space and are discharged to atmosphere. Hardly permeating gas components pass through full membrane length and then are received by consumer.

Driving force of permeation process is differential partial pressure at both membrane ends. There is a possibility for enriching with hardly permeating component from initial concentration. Though herewith the higher concentration the lower capacity. Stations are employing compressor principle for process execution, when mixture is separated under pressure. In this case precompression equipment is used. Control of separation process is carried out by means of regulation of gas mixtures pressure and flow.


  • Metal frame
  • Gas detection analyzer
  • Membrane unit
    (150 000 hours life time)
  • Control unit
  • Pressure controller
  • Soft starter
  • Filters unit
Parameter Nitrogen unit
Capacity, nm³/h up to 30
Pressure, bar g up to 10
Nitrogen concentration, % 99,9