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Pump and booster units


Gas booster maintains positive pressure/flow for seal gas supply to prevent dirty gas ingress from compressor housing into a seal during start-up/shutdown or pressurized shutdown.



Seal gas is usually injected from compressor discharge. During normal operation of compressor seal gas pressure is high enough for maintaining positive flow across labyrinth at process end, which prevents dirty gas ingress from compressor housing.

During compressor start-up/shutdown seal gas pressure is not sufficient for maintaining positive pressure/flow across labyrinth at process end. Also, during pressurized shutdown pressure in housing and seal gas pressure become equal which makes it possible for unfiltered gas to pass through primary sealing surface. This can be eliminated by fitting gas booster in seal gas supply system.

Specific features

Clean and dry gas is required for DGS and compressor unfaulty operation. Booster is fitted with a small pneumatically actuated piston compressor. Usually instrument air or Nitrogen are used as driving gas.
The system is automatically switched on when seal gas flow rate/ differential pressure gets low and is switched off once seal gas flow rate/ differential pressure gets back up.

Parameter Gas booster
Maximum working pressure, °С 110
Differential pressure, bar from 1 to 2
Design pressure, bar 300
Hydraulic testing pressure, bar 600
Design flow rate, nm³/h 300
Fluid Natural gas Methane, max. % 75
Pressure of air supplied to actuation device, bar from 4 to 9