Range of equipment

Drag booster compressor


Primary purpose of a drag booster compressor — ensuring stable supply of seal gas during compressor start-ups and under transient conditions.



Distinctive features of LLC JCI’s drag booster system are as follows:

  • Use of high-performance magnetic coupling providing system hermeticity and coping with high pressure.
  • Specific design of covers and input/ output portings providing high efficiency of booster.


  • Impeller
  • Bearing unit
  • Rotor
  • Electric motor
  • Magnetic coupling
  • Housing
  • Covers
  • Inlet/ outlet connections
  • Stand
Parameter Drag booster compressor
Temperature, °С -40 up to 200
Working pressure, bar 0 up to 150
Differential pressure 1 up to 1,5 (depends on gas density and compressor inlet pressure)
Fluid Methane
Voltage, V 380
Power, kW 15
Speed, rpm 2945
Mass, kg No more than 460