Values of the Company

Mission of the Company and principles of its implementation

Mission is a briefly formed essence of the Company, reflecting its corporate origin, purpose and goals. The ideological basis of the processes of functioning, development and growth. A brief expression of the mission is a corporate slogan.

«JCI is a formula for turbomachinery reliability»

Slogan of the Company

«Leading position in the market of turbomachinery components»

Mission of the Company

LLC JCI Team is a guarantor of long-term and most reliable operation of turbomachinery equipment due to:

  • Competent designing, production and installation of DGS systems, filtration systems, couplings and other important elements of centrifugal compressors and GPU
  • Maintenance and updating of supplied equipment in the shortest possible time
  • Training the customer in the reliable and safe operation of the supplied equipment
    • A formula is an adequate definition of the component parts into a total sum. The formula for turbomachinery reliability is a slogan that determines that LLC JCI guarantees through its presence in the market, its products and its professional level of services provided, the operation reliability of the turbomachines. To comply with the slogan, the Company has imposed explicit obligations to itself, expressed in its mission and strategic aims.

The Company's mission is fulfilled through implementation of the company’s strategic aims that includes the following:

  • Continuous development of the Company. The development process affects all spheres: designing, product range, servicing; production (updating and expansion); management (system development); personnel (professional and competent growth)
  • Compliance with the constant principle of financial independence and stability. This aim is carried out through control, financial planning and determination of financial gain and risks from the general activities of the Company, execution of projects and orders. Due to this the Company achieves a stable position, self-financing of its development and growth, stable and decent life for its personnel, fulfillment of its obligations.

Leadership in management

The head of the Company is the leader of his team, who sets the pace of movement, work and development of the whole team; management based on the personal authority.

The leader-head of the Company bears full responsibility for the fate and reputation of the Company to customers and partners, as well as for the fate of each subordinate employee.

Leadership in market

We strive for outperforming our business competitors not only in product operational performance, quality and manufacturing methods, but also in precision and quality in designing.

We strive for fair competition by providing the best in products, services through constant innovation-driven growth and client-focused policy of the Company.

Customer orientation

We try to maintain a constant liaison with customers in order to receive feedback. Our aim is not only to supply products and services guaranteeing quality, but also to set ourselves the task of solving innovative projects aimed at increasing the reliability of equipment and improving production processes. We try to exceed customer's expectations and requirements in order to be leaders and to dictate development directions for other manufacturers in the oil and gas industry.

Product quality

Product quality is the key to successful development of an organization and maintaining a leading position in the market. We never sacrifice product quality even to optimize production processes. Product quality is the basis for the viability of the Company in the market.

We have managed to reformat the Company into a manufacturing one and at the same time to maintain the high-quality standards of John Crane, the world leader.

Corporate culture

We strictly comply with all requirements to ensure a safe production process, strive to maintain advanced process equipment of production, continuously improve the qualifications of our employees and keep our workplaces clean and tidy.

We appreciate the work of ordinary employees. The success of the company depends on them.

Concern for people

We strive to ensure the process of people's development, their professional and personal growth. We appreciate such important factors in collective cooperation as concernment — interest in the profession, devotion and a conscious, responsible approach to work.

Work well-being depends on a responsible personnel selection, staff adaptation and motivation. We do not tolerate any form of human discrimination.