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Filtration systems

LLC John Crane – Iskra offers a wide variety of filtration systems ranging from oil filters, liquid hydrocarbons and water filters to designated coalescing filters for liquids separation and seal gas and fuel gas vapours filtration.

LLC John Crane – Iskra's filters guarantee reliability of your equipment under any operation conditions.

 Filtration systems


Filter element

Advanced design concepts and materials used have a major influence on the performance and pressure drop of the filter. Combination of all these factors maximises running time between filter elements change outs. Patented filter cartridge design ensures unrivaled performance of a filter element. Indufil filters typically exceed all industry requirement including API standards.

  • Particle filtration down to 3 micron and efficiency to 99,9% (β3>1000)
  • Liquid removal down to 1 micron and efficiency to 99,9% (β1>1000)

Design features

  • Unique filter design
  • Forged body
  • Excellent leak integrity of filters
  • Various arrangements depending on application: with vents/drains; valving/porting; flanges and fittings

Fuel gas filtration

  • Filtration performance down to 1 micron and efficiency to 99.9% (β3>1000)
  • Inlet and outlet sizes up to 14" internal diameter
  • Liquid level indicators, switches and transmitters
  • Integrated thermal relief and shut off valves
  • Plug and play filtration unit mounted on its own skid

Seal gas filtration

  • Coalescing system to remove liquids in the gas stream ensuring the gas is suitably dry
  • Double O-ring sealing at all joints
  • Filter elements changeover without process interruption provided by special changeover system
  • Flange up to 4"
  • Patented double block and bleed arrangement

This product is available in the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine