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Compressors retrofitting


LLC John Crane – Iskra delivers complex works on compressor retrofits.

The necessity for upgrade is driven by increased requirements to operation time, efficiency and environment protection of compressors of gas pumping units. Today newly developed compressors meet up-to-date requirements. However the majority of companies have a big installed base of stationary compressors which were manufactured long before and which have not exhausted their performance potential and it is reasonable to upgrade them for improved reliability, efficiency, fire and environmental safety.

Improvement of internal production processes ensures uninterrupted production without involving considerable expenses associated with refurbishment and maintenance of basic equipment over the longer term.

Principal issues with units and systmes within standard compressor equipment


The above mentioned problems can be solved by means of complex of works on compressor equipment retrofitting

  • Replacement of oil mechanical seals with dry gas seals
  • Replacement of standard couplings with modern membrane ones
  • Upgrade of standard gas seals control panels
  • Use of gas treatment units, fuel gas and oil filters

LLC John Crane – Iskra is successfully delivering works on compressors retrofitting involving replacement of oil seals with dry gas seals. This package of works includes seals manufacture, control panels production, modification of compressor seal chambers, modification of shaft for seal cartridge mounting, modification of ACS and oil feeding system, issue and amendment of required technical documents.

The scope of works performed by specialists during standard replacement of oil seals with dry gas seals covers technical audit, development of design documentation, obtaining industrial safety expert review conclusion of Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor), supply of equipment and materials, modification of compressor units, installation of DGS system, commissioning works and compressor delivery into production.

DGS advantages

  • Enhanced compressor safety
  • Reduction in gas loss (96% of the gas used returns to compressor)
  • Energy saving
  • Lower expenditure connected with maintenance
  • No product contamination