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Dry gas seals

Dry gas seals Type 28 for compressors has been a standard technical solution for gases sealing within turbomachines since 1970s. For today about 20000 John Crane DGS are operated globally and over 200 million operating hours have been accummulated.

 Type AURA™

 Type 28

  • In dynamics a sealing clearance between seat and face is about 5 micron thus risk of wear is eliminated
  • These seals provide complete avoiding of gas contamination with seal oil or oil contamination with gas, reduction of expenses related to running repair and quantity of unscheduled shutdowns
  • Cartridge seals of single, tandem or double «back-to-back» configurations are capable of sealing the vastest range of gases which are pumped by centrifugal compressors and are used in various industrial sectors (gas production, storing, transportation and processing, oil refining as well as chemical and petrochemical sectors)
  • Seat fitting in special retainer eliminates risk of secondary failure in case of seat damage
  • Small amount of leakage can be vented to safe area, used as fuel for driven equipment or returned to process via low pressure ejector

Patented spiral groove shape makes these seals completely non-contacting during operation, that's why DGS is a high-reliable, secure and durable solution for turbomachines sealing.


In 2016 new seal Type AURA™ 220 was launched, it is advanced technology of gas seals of next generation.

  • Reduced leakages cut operation expenditure of customers and mitigate risks for environment
  • Enhanced rotor design improves periods of scheduled maintenance and reduces expenses
  • Additional option of bi-directional design lowers demands for spares

Features of AURA™ seals

  • High reliability and improved performance capability
  • Simplified and standardized universal design ensures longer life time
  • Secondary polymer seal behind seat and face prevents seal gas leakage and extends operating range
  • Balance diameter seal – patented design consisting of face retainer and carrier
ParameterType Type 28 AURA™
Temperature, °С from -140 to 315 from -50 to 220
Speed, m/s up to 200 up to 140
Pressure, bar g up to 450 up to 220
Shaft diameter, mm up to 330 from 100 to 276

This product is available in the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine