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John Crane – Iskra

Limited Liability Company

LLC John Crane – Iskra, established in 2003, has been successfully conducting its activity in turbomachinery equipment market in Russia for over fifteen years and is a joint venture - the only official supplier of John Crane dry gas seals (DGS) which are used within compressors and turbomachines on the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The shareholders owing equal shares are PAO NPO Iskra (Perm) – 50%, which is a part of ОАО United Rocket and Space Corporation and State Space Corporation Roscosmos, and John Crane UK (United Kingdom) – 50%. John Crane is a global leader in the market of products for equipping compressor, pumping and turbine units. PАО NPO Iskra is a leading Russian manufacturer of gas-pumping units for centrifugal compressors.

Basic lines of the Company's activity are as follows:

  • Production and supply of John Crane dry gas seals (DGS) and DGS control panels for gas, oil refining and chemical enterprises
  • Retrofitting compressor equipment involving installation of John Crane DGS
  • Technical maintenance and refurbishment of compressor equipment
  • Servicing and refurbishment of supplied equipment
  • Manufacture and supply of membrane couplings for a vast scope of application
  • Manufacture and supply of filtration systems





LLC John Crane – Iskra is the key supplier for leading compressor manufacturers in Russia.

At present LLC John Crane – Iskra provides the fullest range of services on refurbishment and servicing of dry gas seals and control panels hereto on the territory of Russia and Belarus.

Why John Crane DGS?

For more than 100 years John Crane is a global leader and large designer, producer and supplier of advanced seals and sealing systems.

Today dry gas seals Type 28 represent standard technical solution for gases sealing within turbomachines of all major compressor producers. John Crane possesses inrivaled experience in designing and supply of DGS for the vastest scope of application. Cartridge seals of single, tandem or double «back-to-back» configurations are used in production, storing, transportation and processing of various gases in oil refining, chemical and petrochemical sectors.

In 2014 a new seal Type Aura™ was introduced in the market. Enhanced rotor and improved stator are the specific features of this design. These modifications provide reduced total operating expenses for customers.


High-technology service center

LLC John Crane – Iskra has up-to-date production facilities required for DGS servicing including inspection, refurbishment, static and dynamic testing at test rig performed in simulated real operational environment of gas seals within compressor. This is an apparent advantage for our customers as it gives an opportunity to carry out seals inspection and refurbishment without sending equipment abroad which cuts customer's expenditure of time and money.

In the process of DGS refurbishment only the original components which have been tested and comply with all applicable regulations and standards are used. According to customer's preferences these components can be stocked at LLC John Crane – Iskra, that will significantly improve refurbishment lead time and will provide prompt customer's equipment replacement when necessary.

All the specialists of LLC John Crane – Iskra have taken training courses at John Crane in Slough, UK, they have high professional qualifications, relevant certificates and experience in handling dry gas seal and control panels, this makes it possible for them to understand needs and peculiarities of regional market and to promptly response to customer's queries.

A clear understanding of seals operational principals, working conditions and potential failure reasons is required to ensure correct operation and improved reliability of DGS. LLC John Crane – Iskra in close co-operation with Perm Professional Education Centre (Perm) facilitate training of customer personnel according to the training programme agreed with PAO Gazprom’s Gas Transportation Division and the Russian Federation’s Rostekhnadzor organisation.

Compressor equipment retrofitting

Depending on manufacturing requirements of customer LLC John Crane – Iskra renders services on «turnkey» retrofits of centrifugal compressors including replacement of oil seals systems with John Crane dry gas seals.

LLC John Crane – Iskra is well experienced in this field and it also has strong established partnership relations with leading scientific institutes and engineering companies of Russia as well as with oversea OEMs which provides an opportunity to perform a wide range of works on domestic and foreign compressors retrofitting and refurbishment.

DGS advantages for compressors

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced gas losses
  • Energy saving
  • No sealing oil
  • No product contamination
  • Reduction in expenses for maintenance
  • Saved space

The list of our repeat partners and customers includes a big number of gas transmission and gas processing companies as well as compressor equipment manufacturers.

  • АО Tomskneft VNK
  • PАО Saratovsky Refinery
  • ООО LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez
  • ООО LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez
  • ООО RN-Komsomolsky Refinery
  • ООО RN-Yuganzkneftegaz
  • GК Beryozka Gaz
  • Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
  • PАО Gazprom
  • Akron group
  • ОАО Slavneft-YANOS
  • ОАО Severneftegazprom
  • АО Gazpromneft-MNPZ
  • ООО Gazprom neftekhim Salavat
  • PАО Nizhnekamskneftekhim
  • ОАО Nevinnomyssky Azot
  • АО Novokuibyshevsky Refinery
  • PАО Metafraks
  • PАО Kazanorgsintez
  • ОKhК Shchekinoazot
  • Sibur holding enterprises
  • ООО NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegaz
  • PАО Orsknefteorgsintez
  • PАО Т Plus
  • ОАО Mozyrsky Refinery
  • PАО OGK-2
  • PАО NPО Iskra
  • NАО Compressor Complex
  • ОАО Kazankompessormash
  • АО REP Holding

Following the results of in-office and on-site audits for compliance with the requirements of STO Gazprom 9001-2018, STO Gazprom 2-3.5-138-2007 and STO Gazprom 2-2.1-607-2011 LLC John Crane-Iskra’s quality management system and products (dry gas seals and dry gas seals control panels) have been recognized compliant with the requirements which has been confirmed by the relevant certificates. QMS scope of certification: “Development and designing, manufacture, installation, supervision and commissioning works, retrofit, technical (servicing) maintenance and refurbishment of dry gas seals systems (TU within dry gas seals (TU 361910-001-15324837-2017 incl. amendment 2), dry gas seals control panels (TU 421800-001-15324837-2017 incl. amendment 2) as well as wet seals systems, filtration systems, membrane couplings and ancillary equipment thereto; technical (servicing) maintenance and refurbishment of centrifugal and piston compressors”. In July 2022 LLC John Crane – Iskra successfully passed business reputation appraisal procedure.

Our Company is a good example of attraction of foreign investments in Russian economy for the purpose of development of present-day, advanced production of quality domestic goods.