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Wet seal support systems


Support systems are designed to supply sealing liquid (water) at the pressure above that of reactor, which ensures elimination of any product leakage from reactor to the environment as well as seal overheating.

As a rule support systems are designed according to specific customer's requirements.



Support system is a reservoir filled with sealing liquid fitted with the instruments required for its pressure, temperature and level control. Reservoir has a built-in coil for sealing liquid cooling. Circulation of sealing liquid in loop «reservoir – wet seal» is executed with circulating pump. Regular refilling of reservoir is provided by means of hand-operated pump.


  • Metal frame
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Instrumentation (pressure gauge, level switch, thermometer)
  • Circulating and hand-operated charge pumps

When designing a wet seal system LLC John Crane – Iskra considers requirements to minimising the time required for connection and commissiong of the system after replacement of washing lines of tested seals. This is facilitated by:

  • Convenient location of detachable contact joints
  • Use of flexible/high-pressure hoses
  • Minimisation of the assembly operations required for pipelines switchover
  • Maximum installation and maintenance accessibility to hydraulic system during rig operation
  • Collection of all possible leakeages during operation

Time between overhaul depends on wet seals operation and amounts to 24000 hours under constant load or 5 years under intermittent load.

This product is available in the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine