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Seals for steam turbines


Non-contacting steam seal Type 28ST is a proven solution with the highest service performance for indusrial steam turbine equipment.

Product reliability results from successful use of non-contacting seals in compliance with high global performance requirements. A seal of this type is a truly non-contacting product incorporating identical principles of operation as the industry standard compressor seal line of Type 28 non-contacting product family.

 Type 28ST



Seal Type 28ST is a single-staged non-contacting gas lubricated seal with a unique spiral groove design for low-speed and high-speed applications within all the equipment operated under transient and continuous conditions.

Seal Type 28ST has been designed to replace conventional sealing devices (segmented carbon rings and labyrinths), whether fitted to an internally or externally mounted carbon box without modifications to the turbine.


  • Extended life time
  • Reduced steam leakage by 95%
  • Eliminated shaft wear under segmented carbon rings
  • Cartridge design
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Eliminated bearings contamination with vapour/ particles
  • Availability of bi-directional faces
  • Increased total turbine efficiency
  • Increased safety level (reduced noise level and steam leakage)


  • Face – Antimony filled carbon
  • Seat – Tungsten Carbide or coated ductile substrate
  • Hardware – 410 stainless steel
  • Secondary sealing – Inconel® and split carbon rings Crane-Foil©
  • Springs – Inconel® X-750
Parameter Type 28ST
Temperature, °С up to 400
Duration, rpm from 6000 to 7500
Slowroll, rpm 1000
Axial movement, mm ± 3,2
Radial movement, mm ± 0,6
Pressure, bar g up to 27,6
Shaft diameter, mm from 25,4 to 165,1

This product is available in the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine