LLC John Crane – Iskra has been successfully operating in turbomachinery equipment market in Russia for over 19 years.

The Company is the only official representative of John Crane in dry gas seals sector within the territory of Russia and Belarus with exclusivity for DGS servicing and refurbishment in compliance with the highest global quality standards.

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From establishment
up to day.
  1. Foundation of LLC John Crane – Iskra.

  2. Commissioning of DGS test rig.

  3. Commencement of in-house production of DGS control panels.

  4. Over 1000 John Crane seals supplied.

  5. Launch of production localization program.

  6. Commencement of own manufacture of couplings and filters.

  7. Commissioning of mechanical area.

  8. Renovation of the production building (1195 m²).
    Launch of new seal type - Aura™.

  9. Commissioning of faces lapping and polishing area.

  10. Extension of mechanical area by means of CNC machines mounting.
    Commissioning of laser measuring units.
    Upgrade of test rig.

  11. INTERGAZSERT certificate for QMS has been obtained.
    Conclusion of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation confirming production of DGS, CP and gas filters in Russia has been received.
    The second welding station has been arranged, storage area has been expanded.

  12. Designing, construction and commissioning of own electric power substation have been conducted.
    Outfitting of piping systems production area has been completed.
    Statement of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation approving production of DGS, CP, couplings and gas filters in Russia has been obtained.

  13. Arrangement of a special room for inspection purposes: dye penetration inspection, hardness measurements.
    Putting into service of a coating room.
    Renewal of machine pool of machining department.
    Commencement of construction of a new building with production and administrative premises.

Manufacturing capacity

For today capital repair of the additional production building with total area of 1195m² has been performed within the framework of the Company's development strategy.

Throughout its activities, LLC John Crane – Iskra has been pursuing a systematic policy of localization and development of equipment production in the Russian Federation. At the moment, the level of production localization has been confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation. At the same time, all products manufactured by LLC John Crane – Iskra comply with the high international standards adopted by John Crane.

When fulfilling the program of production development LLC John Crane – Iskra is striving for manufacturing high-quality Russian-made products at fair and economical price, which can be competitive both in domestic and foreign markets.

Mechanical area
Production of metal parts for the products supplied: DGS metal parts, components for DGS control panels, couplings components, etc. Mechanical area is equipped with high precision CNC machines, electroerosion machine, turning, milling and coordinate boring machines, as well as with auxiliary equipment and tooling necessary for manufacture of quality products.
Quality control area
Parts acceptance quality control is performed within quality control area equipped with up-to-date high precision unit. This unit provides 100% quality control of all the parts produced at mechanical area. Measurements are carried out in a separate room ensuring requirements for temperature and humidity during measuring are met. The measuring unit is included into the State Register of Measuring Instruments and is accompanied will all the necessary permits and certificates.
Welding production
Welding area is located in the production building. Parts and pipelines welding is perfromed there. Manual argon-arc welding is provided with all the required certificates and NAKS (National Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding) permits. Production capacities of the welding area make it possible to manufacture frame parts and pipelines for different types of CP using our own efforts.
Balancing area
Balancing of DGS rotor parts and couplings parts is performed in the balancing area. The machine lift capacity and accuracy provide balancing at set parameters for all DGS and couplings of standard sizes.
Oven and seal head test rig for polymers heating and fitting
There are oven for polymer seals heating and seal head tester. The oven is designed for heating and pressing polymers into their fitting areas. The test rig is used for testing face pressure force.
Control panels assembling and testing area
CP assembling and testing are carried out in the appropriate area of the production building. The area is equipped with the equipment required for CP production within the shortest time possible. Proper area equipment make it possible to produce CP of different standard sizes and parameters as well as to perform CP pressure tests at over 1000 atm.
Measuring unit
Up-to-date high-precision instrument designed for roundness and surface finish check of parts. It is required for interoperational inspection during assembling process of such new DGS types as Aura™.
Faces lapping and polishing area
Faces manufacture and refurbishment take place in the lapping and polishing area. Existing machines ensure necessary shape for face working surface. The area is also equipped with optic flat system for surface condition control.
Test rig for seals dynamic testing
Provides an opportunity for static and dynamic testing of new and refurbished DGS. The rig parameters make it possible to run tests at high pressures and speeds. The test rig software provides recording of the tests performed and monitoring of all the operation parameters of the rig and DGS.
Large stock of products spare parts
In case if long-term servicing contracts are signed with customers LLC John Crane-Iskra arranges stocking of spare parts within its premises. This service provides an opportunity for prompt refurbishment in case of seal failure which significantly improves refurbishment lead time and ensures equipment idle time.


What do you obtain having cooperation with us?

Reduced expenses associated with refurbishment and operation

Reduced amount of unscheduled shutdowns

Manufacture and service center on the territory of Russia

Compliance with global quality standards

Experienced maintenance staff

Improved environment safety

Performance indicators dynamics


Geography of sales and servicing of LLC John Crane – Iskra is very broad. Customers from more than 80 cities and towns of Russia and Belarus are a part of the clients list.

Leading compressors manufacturers from Perm, Kazan and Saint-Petersburg are among repeat customers. One of the key accounts is PAO Gazprom, including lots of its subsidiaries. Recently LLC John Crane – Iskra has been working on establishing and strengthening close relationships with chemical and petrochemical enterprises as well as companies of Russian power sector.